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        Open Division -  March 23, 5pm

        B & C Division - March 23, 2 - 5pm

 Past Tournaments

2019 Quincy City/Area Championships

March 23, 2019

Winner: Paul Shelor

For all interested in playing against the top players in the city of Quincy, IL.  Players will play in a round robin to determine seeding in an elimination bracket.

Previous Winners

2019: Paul Shelor

2018: Paul Shelor

2017: Brad Kendle

2016: Brad Kendle

2015: Paul Shelor

2014: Paul Shelor

2013: Paul Shelor

2012: Christopher Shelor

2011: Rick Miles

2010: Rick Miles

2009: Rick Miles

2008: Mike Verzino

2007: Rick Miles

2006: Doug Bruner

2005: Paul Shelor

2004: Paul Shelor

2003: Maja Simovic

2001: Maja Simovic

2000: Maja Simovic

1998: Rick Miles

1997: Mike Verzino

1996: Mark Curran

1995: Rick Miles

1994: Mark Curran

1993: Mark Curran
1992: Rick Miles
1991: Rick Miles
1990: Mark Damhorst
1989: Rick Miles
1988: Bob O'Neal
1987: Rick Miles
1986: Gary Coleman
1983: Chin Chang Hwang
1982: Chin Chang Hwang
1981: Bob O'Neal
1980: Bob O'Neal
1979: Bob O'Neal
1978: Bob O'Neal
1976: Emilio John
1974: Ron Stanbridge
1973: Bob O'Neal
1972: Paul Burner
1971: Milton Burner
1970: Bob O'Neal
1969: Milton Burner
1968: Milton Burner
1967: Milton Burner
1966: Milton Burner
1965: Milton Burner
1964: Bob O'Neal
1963: Bob O'Neal
1962: Bob O'Neal
1961: Bob O'Neal
1960: Bob O'Neal
1959: Bob O'Neal
1958: Bob Bartlow
1957: Bob Bartlow
1955: Bob O'Neal
1954: Bob O'Neal

Most Decorated Players

Bob O'Neal - 15 championships

Rick Miles - 10 championships

Paul Shelor - 7 championships

Milton Burner - 6 championships


2019 Quincy Jr. Tournament

17th Annual Bob O'Neal Jr. Table Tennis Tournament


March 16, 2019

Winner: Hunter Leindecker

For students aged 18 and under.  Players will begin playing in a round robin with winners in each round robin advancing to play in an elimination bracket.

Previous Winners

A Division or 18 and Under

2019 (18 and under)

1st: Hunter Leindecker

2nd: Jensen Stiles

3rd: Philip Vincent

A Division or 18 and Under

2018 (18 and under)

1st: Hunter Leindecker

2nd: Caleb Vonderheide

3rd: Philip Vincent

2017 (18 and under)

1st: Justin Sonethongkham

2nd: Hunter Leindecker

3rd: Charles Seaman

2016 (18 and Under)

1st: Trey Craft

2nd: Blayne Bordewick

3rd: Andrew Fauble

2015 (18 and Under)

1st: Bryson Shelor

2nd: Blayne Bordewick

3rd: Trey Craft

2014 (18 and Under)

1st place: Blayne Bordewick

2nd place: Bryson Shelor

3rd place: Collin Garner

2013 (A Division)
1st place: Bryson Shelor
2nd place: Blayne Bordewick
3rd place: Collin Garner

2012 (A Division)
1st place: Christopher Shelor
2nd place: Tomohiro Hishida
3rd place: Nick Dietrich

B Division or 15 and Under

2019 (15 and under)

1st: Philip Vincent

2nd: Jensen Stiles

3rd: Hunter Leindecker

2018 (15 and under)

1st: Hunter Leindecker

2nd: Philip Vincent

3rd: Lia Quintero

2017 (15 and under)

1st: Hunter Leindecker

2nd: Leo Lin

3rd: Lia Quintero

2016 (15 and Under)

1st: Lucas Eyler

2nd: Ethan Morgan

3rd: Hunter Leindecker

2015 (15 and Under)

1st: Justin Sonethongkham

2nd: Jack Deters

3rd: Thatcher Crist

2014 (15 and Under)

1st place: JP Parke

2nd place: Drew Begley

3rd place: Lucas Eyler

2013 (B Division)
1st place: Noah Wilson
2nd place: Dax Simons
3rd place: Richard Barnum

2012 (B Division)
1st place: Blayne Bordewick
2nd place: Collin Garner
3rd place: Matt Tossick

C Division or 13 and Under

2019 (13 and under)

1st: Evan Goestenkors

2nd: Daniel Dyer

3rd: Sebastian Manning

2018 (13 and under)

1st: Jensen Stiles

2nd: Sam Killday

3rd: Luke Chevalier

2017 (13 and under)

1st: Hunter Leindecker

2nd: Lia Quintero

3rd: Daniel Dyer

2016 (13 and Under)

1st: Ben Becker

2nd: Caleb Vonderheide

3rd: Ethan Morgan

2015 (13 and Under)

1st: Ben Becker

2nd: David Kewney

3rd: Ethan Morgan

2014 (13 and Under)

1st place: Thatcher Crist

2nd place: Payton Holstine

3rd place: Lucas Eyler

2013 (C Division)
1st place: Malachi Lentz
2nd place: Thatcher Crist
3rd place: Brett Baird

2012 (C Division)
1st place: Dax Simons
2nd place: Noah Wilson
3rd place: Brayden Bauerly

D Division or 10/11 and Under

2018 (10 and Under)

1st: Logan Lansing

2nd: Sebastian Manning

3rd: Daxton Terwelp

2018 (10 and Under)

1st: Daniel Dyer

2nd: Aden Smith

3rd: Aaron Greenhalge

2017 (10 and Under)


2016 (10 and Under)

1st: Lia Quintero

2nd: Sam Killday

3rd: Daniel Dyer

2015 (11 and Under)

NA - *not enough participants

2014 (11 and Under)

1st place: Ethan Morgan

2nd place: Corbin Frye

3rd place: Wade Begley

1st place: Corbin Frye
2nd place: Garrett Brink
3rd place: Ethan Morgan

1st place: Lucas Eyler
2nd place: James Henninger
3rd place: Tristan Hoener

Most Decorated Players in A division

Christopher Shelor - 6 championships ('08-'12) + 1 city championship ('12)

Scott Niemann - 5 championships ('03-'07)

Bryson Shelor - 2 championships ('13, '15)

Hunter Leindecker - 2 championships ('18, '19)