Quincy Table Tennis Club

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Who Are We?

Welcome to the Quincy Table Tennis Club!  We offer fun table tennis play for all ages and skill levels! We are open 2 nights a week (Monday & Wednesday), beginning at 7 PM and going until
about 9 PM.  Members may play one or both nights per week.    If one night has a conflict on any given week, choose the other night.  Sign up!!  And don't forget to have fun!
 Non-members feel free to show up when you can.  The cost is FREE.  Donations toward club expenses will always be appreciated.

NOTE: There is no schedule for the Summer session. Members come on any night club is open. (See Schedule)


Fall Session 2018

September 24 - December 5

Monday & Wednesdays

7 - 9 PM


TBA, 2019


Costs per session

Fall and Winter sessions

FREE (donations will be accepted)

Summer Session


We do provide paddles but it is recommended that you bring your own.  Balls are provided



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I'm just a beginner, will I get destroyed?

No, We have all skill levels playing, from beginner to advanced.   Even the advanced players will not try to destroy you. 

 What if I'm only available to play one certain night (Ex.: Monday) every single week? Is it even worth signing up?

Absolutely.  We will do our best to schedule you on that particular night every week.   Although we can not accommodate you for every week due to other players' schedules, you will on average have 6-7 weeks of play on that night.  If you are able, we greatly appreciate availability on all three nights. 

Will I need to have my own paddle?

It is encouraged, but not necessary.  We have a few "club" paddles that you can use for the night.  There is no charge for the use of these paddles, but it is expected that they are returned in the same shape as they were when given out.

What clothing should I wear?

Any kind of athletic wear would be fine.  Basically, whatever you're comfortable moving around in.  Our only "requirement" is that you don't wear any shirts that are the same color as the ball. (orange, yellow, etc.)  We only use orange balls.